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Forest and Watershed Health

Here we are in the middle of the Arizona forest. How do we impart our understanding, our relationship with the forest to the children in our communities. After all, they will be the stewards of this invaluable resource before we know it. 

Our focus on teaching and learning about forest and watershed health is informed first by our experience as educators with Arizona Project WET 


Forest Model.JPG

Photo courtesy of Lorie Cavalli

APW’s approach to instructional design includes these important parts:

  • instruction must be standards aligned
  • it must engage the 3-dimensionality of the standards in order to be authentic, deep learning
  • and it must be student centered.

We integrate these strategies into the development of four fundamental elementary grade level lessons for either remote or in-person instruction.

Throughout delivery, we are guided by our understanding that students and the forest share and are challenged by the values of adaptability and resilience; they survive and thrive through biodiversity and diversity, and they grow through relationships and when able to embrace others’ perspectives.


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Groundwater Education

Fourth grade through high school classes can request a groundwater presentation that emphasizes the availability of water within our unique hydrologic cycle and its impact on our lives.

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Water Scene Investigation 

One of APW’s statewide programs, the WSI engages students in a project to conduct water audits and save water at home by using STEM skills.

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Arizona Water Festival

One of APW’s statewide programs, the Arizona Water Festival ..... 

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Plant Superheroes

All Superheroes Don't Wear Capes!

Behold, the Plant Superheroes! For elementary grades, we offer a 3 part comic book themed series!


Plant Superheroes - Adaptations of Our High Desert Plants (co-developed with The Arboretum of Flagstaff)

Bark’s Story-Adaptations of Forest Plants and Animals

Plant Superheroes Rain Basin- Passive Rainwater Harvesting and Using Plant Guilds to Conserve Water.





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Community Outreach

Arizona Project WET is an integral part of the community in Coconino County!

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